Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Stila Blu Orchid Palette

Hey all you wonderful people out there! Wanted to let you know about a current SUPER deal from, if you hadn't heard about it yet:

It's an awesome palette "blue orchid," a full size lip glaze and a full size brown mascara. This is an AMAZING deal. Now, shipping's $7.95 :( so with tax and all it might cost you upwards of $40. But stila has coupons on the site for free shipping over $50, so you might as well pay an extra $10 than you'd pay just for the shipping alone, and get another product as well as shipping. Make sense?

If you love the palette, and don't need the other extras, check it out at where it's only $14.50! Shipping will also get you there too, so take that into account when ordering.

Hope y'all enjoy this first deal, feel free to share others as well as reviews of this palette! :)

1 comment:

Neeyuh said...

Great find!! I haven't tried anything from Stila yet, so I may have to give this set a try!